Match the LED

Mohit Garg
Mayur Ramawat

Project Description:
The project is based upon 8085 Microprocessor, an 8-bit microprocessor. This project very well uses all the basic concepts of microprocessor. The processor is connected to external 32kB RAM and 32kB EEPROM and needs a +5V power supply for operation. The processor has a 4Mhz crystal connected to it which produces a 2Mhz clock.
The project(game) consists of 8 LEDs arranged in two concentric circles each. A single LED start to blink in clockwise direction in one of the circles and correspondingly opposite LED starts to blink in anticlockwise direction in the other. You need to press the button when topmost LEDs of both the circles
(target LEDs) light up, if you hit it at the right time, game continues and the speed of blinking of LEDs increases by a
level as depicted by a 7-segment score board display ; if you miss, the game is over and score resets to 0. Speed of blinking of light can be change for different individuals by changing the bit pattern values in 8085 code.
The 3 important portions of the project are
1.Blinking of LEDs.
2.Change in blinking with switchpress.
3.Change in value of 7 segment with switchpress.
Correspondingly further different changes can be done in code, target LEDs, linking pattern to introduce new variations in the project.


The Schematic:100-104-pcb
The Boardfile: 100-104-pcb

The Project Report for any further information: 100-104-report