Maze Runner

Mohak Gupta

Project Description:
The project contains 64 Bi-Color LED’s arranged in an 8×8 matrix. The user has access to
5 buttons- 4 to navigate across the maze and 1 to reset the game. The Bi-Color LED can be in one of the three possible states i.e
1. Red indicating an obstacle.
2. Green indicating the present location of the player
3. Off indicating free passage to go through.

To make the game more interesting player has to race against a timer to complete the maze. The maze has only 1 unique exit which the player must reach under a specified amount of time. After exiting the maze the player goes to the next level.


The Schematic: 103ec13-121ec13pcb
The Boardfile: 103ec13-121ec13pcb
The Project Report for further information: 103ec13-121ec13report