Tiger and Goat game

Ajay Singh
Akash Nirbhik

Project Description:

The game consists of 10 bicolour leds.One colour(red) led represents tiger while the other colour(green) led represents goat .The leds are placed in triangular pattern as can be seen in the game board. The tiger and goats can be placed on the intersections. It’s a two player game, one player will control 1 tiger and the other will control 5 goats. The goats and tigers can only be moved along the lines of the board.
Gameplay – All the goats are placed on the board individually at the beginning. You can only move the goats after you place all the goats on the board. A tiger can capture a goat if there is an empty intersection for the tiger to jump. The tiger wins if it captures two goats, and goats win if they corner the tiger (i.e when tiger is at a position where it cannot move anywhere). There is a time limit of 1 minute for each player to play their turn.
All the positions on the board are realized through 10 bicolour leds. Each position will have a switch to select the same. The goats and the tiger will be represented with different colours. Two leds will be used to denote the turn. Two 7-segment displays will show the score of both the players.



board file:15-16-pcb-brd