Chess Clock

Team :

Gurpreet Singh Saluja

Gaurav Kashyap

Project Description :

Let us consider two players A and B playing time bound chess game having initially 50 seconds in hand. The time which the other player takes to make a move gets added to their time in hand (the extra time after 1 round of moves gets added to the player’s time).

Chess clock will display a timer initially set at 50 seconds. It will start decreasing for player A when the game starts. When player A finishes his move, he is required to press the provided button so that time for player A stops decreasing and time for player B start decreasing.

Now we are considering that if timer strikes 100 seconds, player B time is up and if timer strikes 0:00, player A time is up.

So, as soon as player A presses the button, the time in the timer will start increasing which in turn means time for player B starts decreasing. So, here the time taken by player A automatically gets added to the time in hand for player B and vice-versa.




Project Files:

The Schematic: 057ec13060ec13pcb

The Board : 057ec13060ec13pcb

The Project Report for further information : 057ec13060ec13report

Youtube Video Link :


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