Electronic Bingo

Team :


Athul Suresh

Project Discription:

Electronic Bingo is a two player game implemented using intel 8085 microprocessor. It’s an electronic version of a pen-paper game BINGO. E-Bingo consists of two 5X5 led matrices (depicting 1 to 25 numbers for each player), and one common switch matrix. The game is initiated by generation of random numbers on both led matrices. The turn is set to player 1, whichever switch is pressed will light up the corresponding led of led matrix1. Then the turn is set to player 2 and the switch pressed will correspond the led of matrix-2 and so on. Aim is to light 5 rows of leds (horizontally or vertically). The player who achieves the aim first will win the game and the seven segment display corresponding to it will display the score.



Project Files:

The Schematic: 42-61-pcb

The Board : 42-61-pcb

The Project Report for further information: 42-61-report


Hope you like our project 🙂