Tambola Controller


Ishaan Kubba
Kartik Goel

Project Description:

Tambola Controller is an Intel 8085 based project made for simplifying and easing the game process. It generates a random number from 1 to 90 and displays it on a LED Matrix having 90 LED’s, one for each number. The numbers, which are already called out will be represented by glowing LED’s except the last called number which will be blinking.


The controller physically consist of three parts:

  • Main board containing 8085 chip and its control logic
  • A 9×10 LED Matrix
  • A LED Matrix driver board




The Schematic: 66-76-PCB.sch

The Board : 66-76-PCB.brd

The Project Report for further information: 66-76-Report.docx

YouTube Video Link : 


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