Message Displayer

Deepika Barua


Project Description:

Using 8085 microprocessor, efforts are being made by us on project which uses LED MATRIX and UART INTERFACING. A monochrome (single colour) LED dot matrix display is used for displaying the Characters which is interfaced with a microprocessor. This project will deliberate on displaying a scrolling text message on a 10×12 LED matrix display(especially made at CEDT).The 12 columns of the LED matrix are driven by ULN2803, whereas the 10 rows are driven by the pnp transistor BC327 which has the capability to provide 800mA(can drive 12  leds easily in one row) . Here we are scanning across the rows and feed the column lines with appropriate logic levels. The program in the microprocessor is to determine the speed of the scrolling message as well as Message what we are going to display(basically delay between two characters and storing message speed).



Project files:
The report: 52-59-report
The schematic : 52_59_pcb
The boardfile: 52_59_pcb


Youtube video link: