Rishabh Gurbaxani

Rishabh Karwayun


Project Description:

The classic game of Battleships is played between two players. The former anchors his ships on a grid and the latter guesses these hidden locations. The players then switch their roles and the one sinking all the enemy ships with minimum138-139ec13pic2 guesses wins. This version of the game is played on a 8*8 bi color LED matrix. The players navigate through the matrix with the help of a 5 way navigation keypad provided on the board. Correct guess here is denoted by a ‘green’ light and an incorrect guess is denoted by a ‘red’ light, but that will change according to the bi-color LED matrix used. The scores are recorded and then displayed on a two digit seven segment display.




Project Files:
In order to help you out, the following files are provided:-
Code : 138-139ec13code
Board File (Layer 1) – 138-139ec13pcb1
Schematic File (Layer 1) – 138-139ec13pcb1
Board File (Layer 2) – 138-139ec13pcb2
Schematic File (Layer 2) – 138-139ec13pcb2
Project Report : 138-139ec13report


YouTube Link:

The project is a great fun in both to make and to play. Have fun!! 😀 😀