Attendance Tracker


Soumya Gupta

Vasudha Khare

Project Description:

The attendance tracker can be used to track the attendance of students in class. At the end of each class, the teacher can view the total number of students who attended the class. The attendance tracker safeguards against proxies by using a motor and a press switch. As the student presses the input switch pertaining to his/her roll number, his input is saved and the door is opened( simulated by a motor for a period of 10s); as the student passes through the door, he/she is expected to press another switch to completely log his/her attendance.

If a student doesn’t press the last switch, it is counted as a proxy, and his/her attendance is not affected. The last switch is analogous to a pressure sensor installed at the base of the door.

Project files:
Schematic file: 172-186-schematic
Report: 172-186report

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