Automated Plant Irrigation System

Krishan Kumar
Mohd. Aslam

Project Description:
This project is taken up as India is an agriculture oriented country and the rate at which water resources are depleting is a dangerous threat hence there is a need of smart and efficient way of irrigation. In this project we have implemented sensors which detect the humidity in the soil (agricultural field) and supply water to the field which has water requirement. The project is 8085 microprocessor based design which controls the water supply and the field to be irrigated. There are sensors present in each field which are not activated till water is present on the field. Once the field gets dry sensors sense the requirement of water in the field and send a signal to the microprocessor. Microprocessor then supply water to that particular field which has water requirement till the sensors is deactivated again.In case, when there are more than one signal for water requirement then the microprocessor will prioritize the first received signal and irrigate the fields accordingly.
The Schematic: 82ec13-101ec13-pcb
The BoardFile: 82ec13-101ec13-pcb

The Project Report for further information: 82ec13-101ec13-report

The Project Video: