Kuhn’s Poker


Mona Mishra

Monika Yadav

Project Description:

Kuhn poker is a simplified form of poker developed by Harold W. Kuhn. It is a zero sum two player game. The deck includes only three playing cards(in two colors red and black) – King, Queen, Jack. They are randomly distributed between two players. We have simulated 6 cards – Red Jack, Black Jack, Red Queen, Black Queen, Red King, Black King. The glowing of two LEDs in a row signifies which card has been obtained. There are three rounds of random card generation in which each player is dealt out one card. After each round, a player can bet one dollar by pressing a switch (Incrementing switch) after careful examination of his or her cards. A seven segment display shows the pot of money and its value is incremented each time someone bets money.After three iterations, there is a showdown. The player with the highest total value of cards such that the cards are of the same color wins all the money.
The players bet money according to the cards they get after careful examination and taking into consideration the other player’s cards. The aim is to make the maximum amount of money.

Project files:



Board file: 105-106pcb

Schematic file: 105-106pcb

Report: 105-106report



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The project files are provided below to help you make your very own Kuhn’s Poker: