LED Hourglass


Shashank R Prasad

Utkarsh Kumar

Project Description:


The main objective of the project was to simulate the rhythmic flow of sand in an hour glass using an 8085 microprocessor and a led matrix. For this feat two boards has been designed (a main board containing all major components and 8085 and another board containing a led matrix of 56 LED’s). The hour glass made in this project simulates a timer of 60 seconds and also contains the feature of simulating the falling of sand in the opposite way if the hour glass is rotated halfway or before its completion. After the completion of the simulation of led’s the hour glass can be reinstated again by simply rotating the hour glass in the opposite position which will start the simulation of flowing sand in the reversed direction.

Projects files:

In order to help you out, the following files are provided:-163_180_pic2

Board file: 163_180_pcb

Schematic file: 163_180_pcb

Project Report: 163_180_report

Youtube link: