Lunar Phase Clock

Dishank Narang
Divyanshu Singh

Project Description:
Just as the Earth orbits the Sun, so too the Moon orbits the Earth. The Moon is tidally locked to the earth, which means that because the Moon completes its own rotation in the same time it takes to orbit around the Earth, we always see the same side of the Moon. While we may be stuck to the same view of the Moon, the relationship between the Earth and Sun as the Moon completes its orbit is constantly changing. This means that it will be illuminated to varying degrees (or not at all!) and will take on a distinct shape. These distinct shapes are what we refer to as the lunar phases. The Moon completes a cycle around the Earth every 29.53 days; this is referred to as a synodic month.
In our project, we are trying to display different phases of the Moon on a 2D circular frame with the help of LEDs. The different partitions/sections of the frame represent the actual phases of the moon. After the initial set up the phases will change in sync with the actual phase of the moon. An 8524 Programmable Interval Timer will be used for the delay.
The Schematic: 54-55pcb
The BoardFile: 54-55pcb

The Project Report for further information: 54-55report

The Project Video: