Catch It Before It Hatches


Project Description:
All of us have played a Flash Player game on our desktop PCs named “EGGS” through our childhood and even if we get to play it anytime right now, it is a good pastime, none will be bored. The game is quite simple yet interesting. As we got an opportunity to work on a microprocessor 8085 project, the idea hit us why not re-enjoy this game which was quite favorite of us. With this idea, we went on to rediscover this game yet again on our PCs. The concept of our project was approved as well by Gadre Sir, then there was no looking back. We had a clear picture of what game we wanted to make and play, how it would appear and how levels will go tougher and how scoring will be done was quite easy to decide considering the inherent simplicity of this game. We had developed our concept, and the concept started getting justified as we started learning about microprocessors and we started understanding how the different inputs, outputs and memory should be interfaced to get the final design we wanted to make. We understood, the rows of LED can show up as paths of eggs falling down, the LEDs can be put on off using output latches, the user can catch up the eggs by moving basket left or right, this could be achieved using interrupts. The scoring could be done on a seven segment, connected to outputs of a latch. Generating an egg in a random column and increasing level of difficulty was achievable using program which would run the 8085. So, we were all ready to start with hardware as well as software!

Board Layout:182_196_pcb

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