Make The Pattern

Team Name:
Ayush Gupta
Bharti Verma

Project Description:
Make the pattern is a game based on the player efficiency to complete the pattern (square) in given amount of time. This game consist a 3×7 led matrix, three switches (S1, S2 and S3) and a 16×2 lcd. In a matrix of three columns a set of three glowing leds i.e. first three of first column and last three of last column will be given to a player initially. Upon pressing a switch (S2) to start the game, randomly any set of three leds will glow in the middle column. Player have to use the switches to move the initial sets of leds to come in parallel with randomly glowing leds to complete a 3×3 glowing led matrix (square pattern). Player has to complete this task in a 3 seconds, failing this task leads him to lose the game. LCD will also display the result at the end of the game.

Board File:44-46

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