Resistor Tester

Sandeep Sahu

Project Description:
A resistor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. All of us have been came across the same problems that the value of resistor required for a high precision value are very hard to find. Their actual value varies from the value that has been obtained by decoding the band on it. Their tolerance is of range 1%,5%,10%and 20%. The reason behind their variation is the manufacturing condition. For a particular batch their tolerance is nearby same. Our project is based on 8085 ( 8 bit microprocessor ) through which we have interfaced a lcd ,24bit precision adc (HX711) and other peripherals( 8155,Ram,.ROM and etc.). 24bit adc provides the serial data with the clock(square) modified to operate at 80us delay and 8085 receives the data through SID pin. Then through internal coding in 8085 it process the data and provides the output at the lcd .

Board Layout:150-155pcb

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