Track Laptime and Speed


Project Description:
All of us have played many racing games on our personal computer where lap time and speed is shown at end of race. But in comparison to games in real life we have to use stopwatches to capture lap which do have human errors and also did not show average speed as we got an opportunity to work on a microprocessor 8085 project, the idea hit us why not make a device which will give us time and speed accurately. With this idea, we went on to solve the
problem faced by a racer while alone practicing on track. We had a clear picture of how to solve the problem.
We had developed our concept, and the concept started getting justified as we started learning about microprocessor and we started understanding how the different inputs, outputs and memory should be interfaced to get the final
design we wanted to make. We also understand working of a 16X2LCD. System works by sending an invisible IR signal from the transmitter across the track placed on starting line to get lap time. When car passes through lap line it
will trigger RST 6.5 causes it save data of current lap and start timer for next lap. When car passes though end line it will trigger RST 7.5 causes it save data of current lap and unmask RST 5.5 (button for viewing record). Now records can viewed from data button. So, we were all ready to start with hardware as well as software!


Board Layout:188-192-pcb

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