Dog Food Feeder

Project Description:
Using 8085 Microprocessor we tried to make a machine which would help pets to feed themselves.We made a machine which gives 1 biscuit once in 5 minutes. To make this project we needed a motor driving IC L293 which would be given a delay such that after a biscuit comes out of the machine it would wait for 5 minutes before it gives another biscuit. This delay is given so that the pet does not eat more than 1 biscuit at a time and eat only when it is hungry. This machine would help owners to leave their pets at home without thinking about how to feed them as pets can easily be trained to use the machine. All pets have to do is press one button which would set in motion a process which would feed them. This machine would have huge potential as more and more people nowadays own a pet or aspire to own one. Thus our idea of Dog Food Feeder would be very beneficiary for pet owners.

Project files:
The schematic and board files are provided here to speed up the process of making your own Dog food feeder.
Schematic: 1718pcb
Board file:  1718pcb

1718pic1 1718pic2