Expense Tracker

T Shreyas Balajii
Yashna Paliya

Project Description:
‘Expenses Tracker’ project is to help you keep track of your monthly or weekly expenses. Five switches let you select a category from say ‘Booze’, ‘Groceries’, ‘Milk’, ‘fuel’, ‘Kapda and dhulai wala’ etc. 5 more switches allow you to enter the expenses for the selected category.Every day you hit the right combination of switches and the system would add the amount to the selected category. At any point of time, it should tell you how much total money has been spent upon the press of a button and how much in each category. Another switch allows you to reset these expenses and start fresh. Money spent across a number of categories such as clothes, food, drinks, etc. during the week will be noted and displayed when required. This will be implemented with the help of switches (used to input the expense in each category) and an LCD Screen to display the output.

Project Files:
The schematic: 176-195-pcb
The boardfile: 176-195-pcb
The report: 176-195-report

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176-195-pic2 176-195-pic1