Automatic Temperature Control

Jayant Vig
Lavneesh Sharma

Project Description:
Industrial and control application/may require automation of the process such as temperature, pressure, liquid flow, etc., in order to minimize manual intervention. To automate any application an intelligent processor plays a major role. One such processor proposed for the project is 8085, an 8-bit microprocessor. The temperature controller can be used to control the temperature of any plant. Typically it contains a Processor unit, Temperature input unit and Control output unit. The 8085 based motherboard forms the processing unit. The Analog-to-Digital unit together with temperature sensor forms the temperature input unit. The relay driver forms the control output unit. Electric power to the heating element (coil) is supplied through relay contacts. The switching ON/OFF of the relay controls the heat supplied to the plant.

The Project Report for any further information: 70-87-2016-fpr