Bulls and Cows

Kusha Sahu
Lakshay Arora

Project Description:
An ancient mind game, now used in several video games as a sub part, has been implemented using 8085 microprocessor using peripheral interface IC 8255, LED’s, LCD, DIP switches and other required controls. An 8k RAM and ROM has been used and 8255 has been I/O mapped. It is a 2 player game, with one of them setting a secret code using the DIP switches and an enter button. The second player guesses the code using the same switches. The digits which are correct in face and place value are referred to as BULLS and those with only face value correct are referred as COWS are displayed once the second player has entered his/her guessed code. At the end it shows which player has won.


The Schematic:84ec13-85ec13
The Board File: 84ec13-85ec13
The Project Report for any further information: 84ec13-85ec13

The Project Video: