Tri Hexagonal Puzzle

Abhishek Chopra
Deepak Yadav

Project Description:
The project “TRI-HEXAGONAL PUZZLE” is a project based on Intel 8085 microprocessor. This is an 8 bit microprocessor that can be interfaced with maximum 64k bytes of memory. It consists of a 16 bit Address bus and 8 bit data bus that is demuxed from lower order address bus. These buses help in selecting and transferring data to and from memory as well as external devices. For processing purposes the 8085 consists of 8 registers namely A,B,C,D,E,F,H,L that are 8bit registers and PC,SP that are 16 bit registers. The 8085 has 74 instructions at it’s disposal for processing data.


The Schematic:6ec13_50ec13_pcb
The Board File: 6ec13_50ec13_pcb
The Project Report for any further information: 6ec13_50ec13_report