MCQ Answer Sheet Evaluator and Aggregator

Naveen Sharma
Leena Singh

Project Description:

The user will be asked to punch the required answer bubble from among the four given answers corresponding to each question. There will be total of 32 questions. The punched bubbles (holes) will be detected by our device and the total marks will be calculated. 1 mark for correct answer and 0 mark for incorrect answer will be awarded.The MCQ sheet will be divided into two halfs. One half will consist of the questions numbers. Each question number will consist of 5 bubbles. According to the binary representation of each number the places with one’s will be replaced by punched holes and places with zero’s will be left untouched.The second half will consist of the options A,B,C,D for each question, each represented by a bubble. The user will punch the answer which is suitable for him/her.
There will be a board which will be exact copy of the answer sheet in width and length. The last column of the board will consist of punched holes equal to the number of bubbles in every column of the MCQ sheet . There will be 9 LDR sensors, one for every bubble of a row. The MCQ sheet will be slid down on the board slowly.Each time a new question is detected, the corresponding answer which is punched by the user ,will be recorded and the final score will be displayed on the seven segment display.


Project files:
1. Schematic
2. Boardfile
3. Report

img_1631 img_1632 img_1633