Split Wise

Rohan Bansal
Vedant Choudhary

Project Description:
Split-Wise is a popular app that makes it easy to split bills with friends and family. It organizes all the shared transactions/expenses in one place, and finds out the minimal transaction path to cancel all debts and credits between groups of people.
In our 8085 project, we’ve attempted a hardware model to the Split-Wise app. The project incorporates a LCD for display and a Numpad/Keyboard for inputs. We’ve tried to design a minimalistic hardware model given the difficulty involved in coding.
The interface asks the transaction between 3 users. The first user is the one paying an amount to second user.
Ex-> User 1 User 2 Amount
Here, User 1 pays User 2 a particular amount of money.
The interface asks for more transactions after which it shows the minimal cash flow between the users.
All this is displayed on the LCD while the inputs are from keyboard.


The Schematic:142-187sch
The project Report for any further information: 142-187report

The Project Video: