Animal Tracker

Kartik Kumar
Praveen Ranjan Pandey

Project Description:

In this particular project we have designed a hardware that will take care of animals that are kept in a particular area by the farmers in villages. This has been implemented by having a counter at the entry gates of the barn which will increment at every time an animal goes in. After all animals have entered in the barn, the count will be stored and accordingly if at any instant of time , the counter gets decremented, then alarm would start ringing or basically in respect to our project a buzzer would start beeping. In this way the farmer or the authorized person would get to know and would take the required action accordingly so that the animal doesn’t go out of his range.The animal tracker is a device which can be used in barns to facilitate the farmer to not to look constantly in the Barn and count animals,rather just having a buzzer with him and listening to it that when it beeps because it will give the symbol that an animal has gone out.

When an animal enters the door, the counter adds one to the total tally. When an animal leaves, it subtracts one and causes the buzzer to beep.

Board File:77_124_project

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