Everyone hates it when your younger cousin/sibling sneaks up late at nights and
eats up all the munchies stored in the fridge. Or you have a glutton buddy who
gets perturbed when he/she is kept away from the refrigerator; then Fridge Thief
Monitor is here to keep a tab on the “food outlaws” out there. The Fridge Thief
Monitor has been empowered to keep a check on the door of the refrigerator. It is
capable to display: –
• The time at which the door of the fridge was last open
• Total number of times it was opened
• And finally, how long it was last open
Besides this the device produces a short beep sound every time the fridge is
opened, which can be used as a dummy alarm to alert you of the thievery, and
caught your buddy red-handed before the turncoat!

Team Members: Adithya V. Ramanan and Ayush Bisht

Report : 08EC15-38EC15-EC316-2018

Board and Schematic :

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