This project involves solving a jumble combination of words. It is an electronic game
played on an LCD screen using push buttons. Our aim was to make an engrossing game that
interests children and adults alike.
The game play consists of player one entering a pattern of words and the other player has
to unjumble the pattern using push buttons. There are 5 push buttons for starting the
game and for top, down, left and right functionality of the cursor to be moved. There will a
counter to monitor the number of moves taken by the player to solve the pattern. Count
will be shown on the LCD diplay used. There will be one blank space in the pattern to
allow shifting of one letter at a time.
The microprocessor will be interrupted once the correct pattern has been put in place
and counter stops at this time and the game ends. The player who finishes in less moves
wins the game.

Team Members :  Aditi Goyal and Avni Arora.

Report: 010EC15037EC15-EC316_report

Board and Schematic:

Youtube Link: