In this project, an 8085 microprocessor interface is developed to make reliable time period measurements. The time period of each oscillation of a bar pendulum will be measured using this interface. This is done with the help of a laser source and light-dependent resistor (LDR). Initially, the bar pendulum will be oscillated for a particular angle. The arrangement of laser source and LDR will be kept in such a way so that the pendulum’s bob cuts the light’s path during its oscillation. As the bob will cut the path, the light will be momentarily blocked. This will produce a change in current generated in the LDR. This change will then be fed to an Analog to digital convertor so that it can be read by the microprocessor. Thus time period of each oscillation will be recorded. Further, different readings will be taken for different angles.

Team Members : Debashree Garbyal and Himani Tyagi

Report : 42EC15_70EC15-EC316-2018

Board and Schematic : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aJMyeiy5XynmjOGWj28hIXwYQp3rXrsi

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